Tissue World Magazine
May / June 2015


Frontissues:  An intriguing contrast – an economy on solid ground in a country prone to earthquakes

Marketissues: Tissue World Barcelona attracted key industry members from across Europe and beyond. We kick off the show’s coverage with a detailed look into four dynamic Western European tissue markets

Exitissues: Waste not – want not… the issue of disposability facing tissue nations


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Country Report: Chile – Modest T&T business with recent growth

Country Report: Tissue marketplace in Chile: maturing retail and opportunities in away-from-home sales

Operations Report: ‘Our target – to give America something new’

Operations Report: SCA’s global business model finds a welcome and unique market in Chile

Technical Theme: Södra invests to make its totally chlorine-free pulp stronger still

Technical Theme: NBSK… keeping the industry’s benchmark pulp at the highest grade

Special Report: Tissue World Barcelona

Retail Special Report: Global retail tissue in 2014: a diverse and dynamic marketplace

Retail Special Report: Recession as a springboard for private brand growth, purchasing power trends, modernity…

Consumer Speaks: TWM helps Wesley open ‘a Pandora’s box’ of issues with his family tissue use

PIX Pulp Indices: 24.3.2015



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