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January / February 2016


Frontissues: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam joins the world market – official

Marketissues: US tissue market: dynamic phase following recent slow growth

Exitissues: A radical step changer?



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Country Report: Vietnam – modest but steady growth in an underdeveloped T&T market

Country Report: Consumer tissue in Vietnam: changing lifestyles spell good news for the industry

Operations Report: Is Vietnam at last beginning to emerge from its troubled history?

Operations Report: Bringing Japanese efficiency – and patience – to Vietnam

Operations Report: Not content with being a market leader, Saigon Paper plans to double capacity in the next five years

Operations Report: Song Duong: on the brink of privatisation and expansion, TWM talks to director Nguyen Van Quan to get the latest on Vietnam’s tissue potential

Technical Report: Energy efficiencies, new technology start-ups, emerging market potential, product innovation, softness and strength, customer service …

Special Feature: Project Survey 2015/16

Consumer Speaks: A tes souhaits!*

PIX Pulp Indices: 24.11.2015