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Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)
September / October 2015


Frontissues:  Tissue tough enough to withstand the Greek tragedy … so far

Marketissues: APP welcomes competition from multinational and local players … it’s just that it means to win

Exitissues: Southern America: Engaging in the world production chain



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Country Report: Greece – primarily local T&T market with signs of contraction

Country Report: Reduced purchasing power shapes consumer tissue preferences in Greece

Operations Report: How Maxi is surviving Greece’s economic tragedy

FOCUS ON: Southeast Asia

Technical Theme: Grade specific optimisation: Permanent (PAE) versus temporary (GPAM) wet strength utilisation

Special Feature: Why (not) Private Labels?

Special Feature: Private label and brands – global market dynamics

Consumer Speaks: From massage therapy to Muay Thai, quality tissue goes hand in glove

PIX Pulp Indices: 14.7.2015