Tissue World Magazine
May / June 2016


Frontissues: The US faces big structural changes to its tissue market

Marketissues: Targeting top brand icons … by comparison and confusion

Exitissues: Headwinds in the Russian tissue market



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Country Report: US: Battle for value and volume growth hots up in mature market

Country Report: Northeast United States – A mix of T&T machine vintages, sizes and technologies

Operations Report: Battle for the biggest Away-from-Home sector in the world

Operations Report: Opportunity on “our doorstep” – or as it’s otherwise known … New York

Technical Report: Strength and softness – how NBSK pulp fibres deliver

Technical Report: Fibre of the future

Focus On: WEPA Group: Consolidated growth for Europe’s third largest tissue player

Report: Tissue World brought the global industry to New Orleans

Special Report: The Millennial consumer: converting brand agnostics into brand believers

Consumer Speaks: When you are dealing with those messy creatures – otherwise known as children – nothing beats a wet wipe

PIX Pulp Indices: 29.3.2016