Metsä Group has boosted production of its Lambi Home Towel household towel sheets after starting up a packaging line at its Mänttä tissue mill in Finland.

The packaging machine was commissioned in late 2023 to improve the efficiency of the site’s hand towel production line and boost production capacity.

Metsä Group said the investment will provide “needed additional capacity to produce paper towel sheets and hand towels and enable wider availability of the products.”

The company added that one Lambi Home Towel package “holds the same amount of paper as two rolls of kitchen paper in a compact space.”

“Its compact packaging requires less storage space and less space for transport and means also that less air is transported, and fewer shipments are needed, which saves the environment.

“The new packaging line investment at the Mänttä mill also enabled a 20% reduction in the use of plastic in Home Towel transport packaging and pallets.”