Helen Morris, Senior Editor, Tissue World Magazine
Helen Morris, Senior Editor, Tissue World Magazine

Tissue giant Essity is recycling 60% of all collected food and beverage cartons in France to its mill in Hondouville, Normandy. They come from waste sorting centres across the country.

That is 25,000tpy, with a further 35,000tpy available site capacity which may or may not be taken up depending on logistical CO2 considerations, the kind of decision now prevalent across the industry.  

In Environment: Technical Theme Donato Giorgio, President, Global Supply Chain, Essity, talks extensively about the “truly circular society”. The company’s Mannheim plant in Germany already takes native wheat straw from agricultural by-products surrounding the mill to make tissue products. 

Elsewhere in this issue, the pace of change in what Nashant Grover, Chief Executive Tissues International, Asia Pulp & Paper, Indonesia, calls in TWM’s Annual Review the “ever-evolving industry”, and it is evident across many regions. 

In Poland, Velvet Care is planning TM 10. Our ExitIssues interview hears from Vice President, Production & Technical Director Wanda Ciesielczuk who explains two slates of 60% and 40% capacity increases in recent years: “We create a market and then build the processing capacity using outside supplies of tissue. We then build our own paper machine to ensure we have regular supplies of the highest-quality raw materials.” 

In Brazil, recent years have seen a slew of high-profile consolidations. TWM’s Country Report details strong supply chain optimisation, and centralisation of all production chain processes. Four year retail growth is projected at 2.4% CAGR with AfH growing 3% in volume. By then the market looks set to be significantly different, with seven new tissue machines projected to have started up in Brazil by the end of 2024/25. Inflation easing, improving economy drivers, and societal trends – lower birth rates, changes to the average Brazilian family with more single or two-people households without children – reflect towards significant changes in consumers’ purchasing habits. 

India’s huge tissue potential has long been frustratingly out of reach. Demand choices are different from many countries. Consumption is less than 0.5kg/person, ranking India 77th nationally. AFRY Management Consulting Principal Somnath Ray explains in MarketIssues: “It is evident that apart from the known economic factors supporting market growth, some cultural nuances influence the demand.” He examines them. 

Quote of the edition: 

“Today, he is a legend.” 

Cascades co-founder Bernard Lemaire has passed away, aged 87. Among his many honours were the insignia of Officer of the Order of Canada, Officer of the National Order of Québec, and Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honor, granted by the President of the French Republic. 

His brothers Laurent and Alain said: “Bernard was visionary, generous and charismatic, he convinced countless people and communities to participate in a huge project, the project of his life: Cascades. Our big brother was a great man. Today, he is a legend.” 

Obituary – World News.