Helen Morris, Senior Editor, Tissue World Magazine
Helen Morris, Senior Editor, Tissue World Magazine

TWM’s various analyses of the fluctuations in the North American tissue market make clear the more fundamental and longer-term changes now underway. It is a big statement to suggest we may be on the brink of fundamental changes in the region, dominated by the consumers who use far and away the most tissue per capita.

Some of the major points in our North American Regional Report include a “dilution of producers’ market power” from “traditional concentrations,” which is driving “consolidation and closures” in the US, with quality or cost requirements dictating. 

Many new producers including Essity, Sofidel, and First Quality Tissue have been attracted. Opportunities are also opening for SME’s offering smaller scale products, and the serial turbulence of recent years has shaped a “less carefree and more price aware” consumer. The favoured mechanism is “switching to cheaper brands, buying smaller packages or simply cutting back.” The surprise is the scale on which that is happening.

Private label has reached 28% – way below European levels but the direction of travel is clear. Ultra-hygiene, and issues of sustainability – carbon emissions, fibre sourcing, and product design – are factored more into consumers’ demands. This new and sharper awareness is being closely studied.

Companies have targeted “better alignment with long-term consumer demand by investing towards capacity and efficiency with a focus on high-margin, high-quality items.” The question is posed: “Could the growth of tissue consumption per capita and TAD in the US finally peak, and start to decrease with increased consumer concern about sustainability and hygiene?”

Quote of the Edition

What does it feel like to be a tissue world champion? Well now we know. Samir Masoud, UAE Supply Chain and Operation Director, and his team at Fine Hygienic Holding’s Al Nakheel mill in Abu Dhabi reached speeds of 2,222m/min in June with a Valmet-supplied Advantage DCT 200 TM. He said: “This great achievement was reached while the machine was producing 13.2 gsm facial tissue at 96.5% efficiency. It is just amazing!”

He tells you how they did it in World News.

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