Tissue World Magazine

Hoping to gain tissue manufacturing customers from around the world, fragrance producer Creaciones Iguazu is exhibiting at Tissue World Miami for the first time.

The company already has a toehold in the personal fragrance, cosmetics, household products sectors. Recently, Iguazu also has made inroads in the specialty fragrance space, supplying bespoke scents to hotels and store brands that seek to imprint brand identity on their customers’ olfactory senses.

“We are hoping to sell fragrances to the tissue and paper industry because we see it as a big potential market,” said Luis H. Garcia Llaguno, senior perfumer and head of creativity and marketing for Creaciones Iguazu. “There does not seem to be as big a market in more developed countries like the United States, but we are seeing lots of interest in Mexico, Latin America and Asia.”

The company’s commercial offices are located in Mexico City, and its manufacturing plant is located near the Gulf of Mexico coast to facilitate receiving high-quality raw materials from around the world.

Creaciones Iquazu obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2016, demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s products carry the “Made in Mexico” logo, an official designation of the Mexican government.