Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Voith Paper aims to increase efficiency and quality throughout the entire tissue production process with its latest products, services and technologies.

“As a strong partner to tissue producers, we’re excited to share all of our latest products and technologies at Tissue World,” said Richard Berry, senior vice president of sales for Voith. “From advanced components and durable fabrics and rolls to complete XcelLine tissue machines, our customers can count on higher efficiency, productivity, quality and safety.”

“Papermaking 4.0” is Voith’s umbrella for its overall approach to enhancing efficiency, productivity and quality. Under the 4.0 rubric, all technologies, components and services of the XcelLine tissue machine are integrated to guarantee performance over the lifecycle of the tissue machine.

The OnCare and OnEfficiency systems are the branded solutions included in the Papermaking 4.0 concept.

The company also is featuring ProTect, a technical solution for Improved felt measurement and conditioning. Visitors to the Voith booth can see a functioning model of ProTect on display, which increases safety during press fabric measurements.

The system consists of a self-propelled carriage, fixture and traverse beams that ensure a precise measurement of fabric moisture and permeability at various sites. It is compatible with all commercially available manual measurement devices.