Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

The Tissue World Sustainability Award has been conferred on BBA Biotech for having the most eco-friendly booth at Tissue World Miami.

The show organizers polled exhibitors to see how well they incorporated sustainability best practices into the design and transport of their stand before, during and after the event. The judges assessed whether the exhibitor took a hierarchical approach to eliminating, reducing, reusing and recycling stand material, collaterals, energy, waste, transport and food.

BBA Biotech designed their booth to be reusable and adaptable for future exhibitions. The design also emphasized lightweight materials to reduce the carbon imprint of transport. Magnetic and metal structures were employed to eliminate using tape and adhesives to erect the stand, and the company reuses the booth furniture, transporting it to different shows.

As much as possible, BBA Biotech used materials originating from sustainable, ethical and fair-trade sources.

Indeed, sustainability is part of the company’s DNA.

Taking its directive from the Swiss-French visionary Le Corbusier, who wrote, “We need to pursue an equilibrium between man and his environment . . . Nature provides us never-ending lessons,” BBA Biotech seeks to change toilet paper from a commodity to a specialty product.

The Italian biotechnology company has focused on bio-based applications for a decade. It promotes “environmentally friendly” technologies in the field of waste treatment, bioremediation and odor neutralization with an array of products that provide an alternative to traditional chemistry.

At Tissue World Miami, BBA is featuring BATP Biologic Active Tissue Paper, a patented biotechnology that has been applied to tissue paper and in cleaning products. BATP effectively moves toilet paper from the column of an unavoidable cost to a value-added product with a distinctive design shape, color, embossing and fragrance.

BATP is a concentrated suspension of 5 spores of the Bacillus bacteria strain, in liquid form, that can be sprayed on tissue paper ply during converting. When bioactive toilet paper treated with BATP enters the wastewater stream, the spores reactivate, producing enzymes that begin decomposing organic substances.

Once reactivated, the live bacteria degrade odor-creating organic substances and cellulose, as well as vegetable and animal fats contained in drains, pipes and septic tanks.

The bio-treated toilet paper neutralizes odors, degrades encrustations pipes, reduces organic substances in wastewater and keeps pipes and drainage systems clean. In addition, BATP inhibits the growth of pathogens and insects in sewage.