US and Italian company Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. is taking its Infusion 3.1 modular capable bundler to Asia and Europe. Ryan Holmer, Sales & Marketing Manager, explains the concept.

Ryan Holmer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp

Packaging trends will always be fluid, and this can present many challenges for converters around the world. Whether it is the need to package in poly bags, poly bundles, cases, trays or even an unforeseen packaging trend, Infinity’s Infusion 3.1 modular machine system is designed to solve this challenge.

This revolutionary modular system is the “industry original” and it was first created to solve the limitations of large footprint fixed machines which were common in the North American market at the time. Tissue converters are often presented with the challenge of having to ship both cases and bundles to retailers, and the flexibility of the Infusion system was tailormade to address that. 

Already installed in converting plants across North America, in 2020 Infinity installed its first Infusion system in Asia, and in 2021 the first modular capable bundler will be installed in Europe. The European converter wanted the flexibility to add cases to its secondary packaging mix due to the increasing trend to reduce single-use plastic packaging. In addition, this converter wanted to save the potential future capital expenditure of having to add entirely new casepacker to the line. Not only that, the company also had limited production space and the Infusion system solved that challenge as well. 

Infinity’s patented, modular packaging system utilises a fixed-infeed diverter and flight bar, which can be coupled with modules that are moved in and out of the docking station to give you three machines in one. The Infusion 3.1 modular system is compatible with Infinity’s casepacker, poly bundler, and poly baggers. The system can handle all types of products including tissue rolls, tissue packs, diapers, folded products … and much more! 

The actual module change process is very simple and can be done in one hour by an average operator. The module change process includes three steps. First, the operator unplugs the quick connection air and servo cables and then the mechanical locking jack to the docking station. Then the operator removes the module from the docking station utilising an electric pallet jack. The operator uses the same electric pallet jack to retrieve the new module and then docks the module. Finally, the operator re-connects the air/servo cables and the mechanical jack. Since all three module programmes are stored within the same Programmable Logic Controller, the docking station can automatically recognise the new module and reconfigure the servo drives. 

Other solutions on the market, such as two-in-one machines, don’t offer the same flexibility as the Infusion system. Due to the small footprint of the modules, the Infusion system modules can be shared from line to line or plant to plant. In addition, since they can handle all product types, they can even be shared between rewinder, folder and diaper lines!

Infinity’s goal is to engineer and build simple products that solve complex problems for our customers. The Infusion 3.1 modular machine system does just that – and more! 

This article was written for TWM by Ryan Holmer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp.