Tissue operations with mature machinery are looking for renewed life from their existing equipment, and determining whether to purchase capital equipment or retrofit existing equipment can be a difficult task. Edson Packaging Machinery tells TW about the latest developments

For those tissue producers that are unable to afford capital equipment, they must utilise what they have and be inclined to look for cost effective and sustainable solutions. These specific requirements create a need for innovative features that stem from original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). Edson Packaging Machinery, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is one OEM that has found success in continuous technology development. The company has been in business more than 50 years, with more than double the growth in the last two years, becoming a Pro Mach brand in February 2012.

Edson’s balance between robust design and innovative implementation of servo driven equipment has created a staple for the tissue industry operating large productions running at high speeds.

The company’s automation solutions are customised for each application, starting with a robust design while providing control solutions tailored for each customer. This customisation can come in several forms, from technology upgrades to quick changeover process with Servo Adjust™ an option with the SR600sa casepacker.

This feature increases productivity, ‘start-up scrap’ reduction, as well as an increase in accuracy. Not only does the Servo Adjust™ move all axis of motion within 90 seconds with the touch of one button from an HMI, but it also reduces costly machine faults by creating operator simplicity. This technology was designed specifically for Edson’s automation, but as a result of the ‘safe’ mechatronic actuators this option is adaptable to any manual or powered machine requiring re-positioning of assemblies.

Several high-production facilities have used such technology and are looking to upgrade their current Edson equipment, with the possibilities to apply this technology to non-Edson equipment as well. Gary Evans, vice president and general manager, Edson, says: “The relationships we have with our customers is crucial, which is why we take action when our customers come to us with a dilemma. Continued development through innovation and preventative maintenance practices provides our customers with a sustainable product. As a result of the continued development of innovations and technology, Edson’s sales have doubled.”

After developing the quick changeover feature, Edson continued to modify its RFID change part option on its SR3600 casepacker. Released earlier this month, the Inteletül™ “intelligent” change part option allows users to input product data to their change parts through their HMI collecting to RFID tags. Not only does this option ensure the right parts are on the equipment before start-up but it also has the ability to track cyclical data. This system ensures consistent functionality between machine and interchangeable parts. Implementing “intelligent” RFID tags, combined with a preventative maintenance programme, provide added value to existing equipment which optimises the design and performance of current automation systems.

The company’s sustainability efforts continue with the use of various energy consumption tools, reduced footprint, increased automation controls and endof- line integration services. Along with the current sustainability efforts, its R&D department is developing a value based machine for those clients that required the robust design of an Edson casepacker with reduced speeds and powered with basic controls.

Evans added: “Combining Edson’s Servo Adjust™ with Inteletül™ provides our customers with a comprehensive package for product changeover.”