Tissue World Magazine

Solenis has presented the latest of its capabilities in Yankee coating and release, fines management and wet and dry strength at Tissue World Istanbul.

The solutions are targeted at helping tissue makers face consumer demands for softer, stronger and more absorbent products at no extra cost.

Whether it’s producing premium brands or value brands for consumers or for the Away-from-Home market, tissue manufacturers constantly seek to resolve two seemingly irreconcilable demands: improve product quality, while increasing machine productivity; and keeping costs down.

Alistair Diack, market director, tissue and wet-strength resins for Solenis, said: “Turkey and the Middle East region are significant growth areas for tissue production and the installation of new manufacturing assets.

“It’s a key market for Solenis, and we are committed to supporting the region by configuring our best technologies to help producers in this area start up new assets, make new grade qualities, meet environmental compliance challenges and control their costs.”

“We understand the intricacies of trying to improve product quality to satisfy customer demand, while at the same time keeping costs in line with market conditions,” Diack said. “You can reduce cost by increasing machine speed and substituting lower-cost fibres, but this can come at the expense of product quality. Slowing down speeds can improve product softness, but can result in a higher cost.”

Solenis experts will be available in booth #D241 at Tissue World Istanbul to address these issues and talk about how the company can help with new machine start-up planning and implementation, including total chemistry requirements, dosing equipment and operator and technical training.

In addition, Angela Knight, application specialist, Strength, Tissue and Towel at Solenis will also be presenting a paper entitled “Paradigm Shift: Improved Dry Strength in Bath Tissue without Softness Impact” on Wednesday, September 28 at the Tissue World Istanbul Conference. See the Conference Agenda for details.

Booth visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about key products from Solenis’ Tissue Technology portfolio, including:

  • Crepetrol™ creping adhesives and Rezosol™ release agents – Unique coating packages that deliver improved coating uniformity and superior surface protection.
  • Crepetrol™ 9000 Yankee coating aids – A patented performance base coating designed to provide wide operating windows, coating uniformity and asset protection.

Solenis is a leading global producer of specialty chemicals for the pulp, paper, oil and gas, chemical processing, mining, biorefining, power and municipal markets.