Tissue World Magazine

Tissue World Istanbul 2016 has been the platform to highlight new product and machinery updates launched over the past few months.

They include:

  • Automatic napkin line with auto transfer, exhibited by Yusufoglu Makina. Fully automatic napkin line with auto transfer napkins to the packing machine. Booth No. C151.
  • 600 fully automatic toilet tissue/kitchen towel production line, exhibited by Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture. The tissue/kitchen towel production line features upgraded production speed with design speed up to 600m/min and running speed up to 550m/min. Booth No. B191.
  • Rezosol 6235EU release aid, exhibited by Solenis. A new approach to maintaining edge cleanliness on Yankee cylinders, it uses a unique water-based microemulsion technology that the company says has outperformed all previous methods of Yankee edge treatment. Booth No. D241.
  • Dynamix X Machine, exhibited by 9.Septembar. The first Dynamix X machine has started with the production of Kangaroo napkins this July in a factory in Italy. Flow pack, which is integrated in the machine, allows Dynimix X to produce single wrapped Kangaroo napkins as well as unwrapped Kangaroo napkins. Booth No. D231.
  • Nua Professional, exhibited by Lila Kağıt. Targeted at the Away-from-Home market, it is produced with state-of-the-art technologies, offering high quality, reliable products with affordable prices in categories such as toilet paper, paper towel and napkin. Booth No. C109.
  • Kilokilo, exhibited by Lila Kağıt. Lila Tissue offers a brand new product family. With its 1KG and 2KG packs of both paper towels and toilet papers, consumers will buy by the kilo and save by the cashier. Booth No. C109