In its evolutionary path, Pulsar Engineering is proud to present its new range of components and materials for the realization of conveying systems for products of various sizes, one or multiple ways, based on components of its own design and production.

This development consists in the improvement of the basic components to be used to create system solutions of high quality, duration and flexibility of use, thanks to a new production structure directly controlled by Pulsar Engineering, from the characteristics and quality of the raw materials, to the components production.

With this evolution, Pulsar wishes to make its experiences and decade-long know how in the manufacturing of conveying systems available to end-users who need to develop units or product conveying lines on their own, suitable for different applications.

ANTARES – Revolutionary converting line concepts for the Tissue Industry

Antares is Pulsar Engineering’s proposal for a primary and secondary packaging system that changes the paradigm of technology applied until now.

After a yearlong development, which led to the filing of an International Patent application in 2019, Pulsar introduces in the world of Tissue products packaging, the technology of packaging based on a sequence of modules, made up of fast, flexible manipulators, through which it is possible to create configurations and flexibility not possible with the existing conventional systems.

Instead of conventional machines, the use of robotic systems allows great flexibility and adaptability to the various required formats, reducing and almost eliminating the time required to manage different formats in the same line. This both in terms of products formats to be grouped and packaged, and in terms of configurations of the outfeed patterns and even the type of packaging, with the possibility of using flexible film, pre-formed bags or to be formed, in plastic material or paper, or even cardboard boxes, on the same systems.

The flexibility of the system is such that in suitable configurations, it is even possible to obtain packages with different dimensions or characteristics, at the same time, starting from the same flow of infeed products.

QUATIS – Quality Inspection Machines for Tissue

Quatis is a unique system to ensure the quality of 100% of your unpacked or packed products in real-time and without the involvement of an operator. 

The system monitors and checks the products’ compliance directly on the conveying systems, with the possibility of ejecting non-compliant ones. Assuring that the products intended for sale conform to the requirements, increasing the quality perceived by the end-user. All Quatis systems are stand-alone modules, allowing the implementation either in new or existing converting lines.

Quatis additionally offers the opportunity to improve the upstream machine settings, increasing the line’s efficiency and production capacity. Moreover, the system allows performing a series of statistical analyses to determine the frequency and the causes of non-compliance, essential to evaluate and check the quality of the production process.

The Quatis family counts six machines, for Rolls, Packs, Bags, Interfolded products, Vision and Pocket. These last two machines are the compact ones and can be used even temporarily to check for example a new product.

Four of these will be shown in Lucca: Quatis Rolls, Packs, Vision and Pocket.


The PLS Dynamic by Pulsar Engineering is a simulation software that reproduces the production process of production lines, primary and secondary packaging, and the design phase.

The tool developed allows reproducing all the machines that make up the production lines using virtual modeling, which reproduces the operating logic and the real links that the various systems offer.

By reproducing a line, it is possible to simulate its actual behavior during the engineering phase, verifying the effect and comparing the performance of different machines or layouts.

Similarly, it is possible to verify the interaction of different products with the plant to establish the configuration that allows maximum efficiency in all potential cases.

Furthermore, it is possible to reproduce the effects caused by specific events in the production processes, identifying the phenomena and evaluating the transition phases, such as restarts after stops and the system’s ability to stand any temporary malfunctions of some of the components of the line.

The adoption of digital twins of the line, also allows to anticipate the testing and calibration phases of the devices along the process flow, predetermining the operating conditions and parameters according to the various scenarios that arise and according to the various product formats to be managed.

In this way, the testing and calibration phases of the lines during commissioning are strongly reduced, with a consequent reduction in costs and time required.

Remote Assistance Service

Pulsar Engineering has been developing for some time systems for the remote assistance of the machines and systems installed which are today available to its customers. All the projects realized in recent years are equipped with direct (router / switch) or indirect (ports on PLC) tools to set up the remote connection for remote diagnosis and, where possible, remote troubleshooting. Using these tools, therefore, it is possible to organize in an extemporaneous or programmed way, remote assistance interventions.

In addition to the possibility of remote connection, operated with various tools, from Teamviewer, to dedicated programs, Pulsar Engineering also offers its Customers the possibility of accessing a support platform based on Augmented Reality technology.

Thanks to special viewers, it becomes possible to access a wide range of information in real time, such as specific technical documentation, drawings and performance data. Unlike Virtual Reality / VR, Augmented Reality / AR is not immersive and always allows the operator to remain well alert and perceive everything that happens around him, thus ensuring the ability to operate in complete safety. In case of format change operations, troubleshooting or routine maintenance, the operator is guided step by step in the execution of all the pre-established actions, without the possibility of diverting the path or skipping steps.

The AR allows you to:

  • Connect with operators directly on the lines
  • Exchange information in real time with technicians from remote locations
  • Share video and audio in streaming with service technicians, in order to have immediate feedback and support, live
  • Share images, documents or other content made available remotely by technicians in real time
  • Record the interventions carried out, for re-use during training or for future reference
  • All this, keeping your hands free to be able to operate with peace of mind.
  • Carry out virtual, remote training sessions directly on the plants, having qualified technicians and interactive material available
  • Consult independently specific information about devices, such as exploded diagrams of groups and videos with guidelines for maintenance operations