Colombia’s C.Y.P. Del R. starts up its Toscotec-supplied AHEAD 1.8 tissue machine at its mill in Risaralda

Colombian tissue manufacturer C.Y.P. Del R. has started up a Toscotec-supplied complete AHEAD 1.8 tissue line at its mill in Risaralda.

According to the supplier, the AHEAD 1.8 machine features an upgraded design TT NextPress shoe press, a third-generation TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer, and high efficiency TT Hood.
The supply includes Toscotec’s patented TT SAF DD Short Approach Flow with Double Dilution to reduce electrical consumption and a TT LowMistFormer for optimal formation efficiency.

Juan Felipe Henao Bernal, Operations Manager at C.Y.P. Del R., said: “We were very impressed with the fast start-up curve achieved by Toscotec: in just a couple of days the new PM3 was operating at its maximum speed and delivering superior performances.
“We are happy with the project outcome and look forward to reaping the fruits of its energy efficiency design.”

Established in 1968, C.Y.P. Del R. manufactures toilet tissue, napkins, kitchen rolls and towels.
Headquartered in Risaralda in Western Colombia, it has an annual production of 36,000 tons of high-quality tissue for the consumer and AfH markets, which it distributes in the domestic and Latin American markets.