See inside your papermaking processes with Ackumen Smart Solutions from Buckman.

Helping our tissue customers succeed takes more than mere commitment. It takes a level of focus that only Buckman can bring. We make it a point to truly know your industry and understand the nuances that can affect your operation. And we surround that knowledge with the latest smart technologies, patented innovations, eco-friendly chemistries and customer-centered solutions. We’re more than chemistry. We’re Chemistry, connected.

With systems expertise, advanced sensing technology and data analytics, Ackumen enables you to see inside your pulp and paper processes and measure dynamics in real time, so you can plan adjustments ahead of time. There’s no guessing. No waste. And no stopping you.

We make papermaking smarter. Because the smartest mill wins.

Learn more about Ackumen Smart Solutions:

  • Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro for Pulp and Paper – minimizes a key and, in the past, invisible, variable in papermaking – entrained air. It measures and troubleshoots it in real time, removing it as a disruptor. It  helps balance defoamer usage with the realities of the mill’s processes and can standardize air control strategy across an entire fleet of paper machines and grades.
  • Ackumen™ Connected Reality – is an immersive digital consulting technology that combines artificial, augmented, and mixed reality capabilities that enable Buckman personnel and customers to see, collaborate, and solve issues remotely. It offers built-in potential to dramatically reduce response time, errors, costs, and downtime.
  • Ackumen™ Cooling Management – illuminates what used to be unseen problems involving cooling water systems, including corrosion, scale and microbiological fouling – issues which can lead to costly shutdowns, serious health risks and compliance violations. 
  • Ackumen™ SMART Inventory – uses IoT sensors to monitor chemical supply in any container, anywhere, 24/7 – a monumental improvement over manual chemical inventory management. It provides valuable, timely insight into how inventory is being consumed and how it can be optimized in the future, creating efficiency and cost savings that can drop to the bottom line.
  • Ackumen™ MCA-i™ for Paper Mill Influent – is a revolutionary chemical/ digital system that combines AI with actionable insights to monitor freshwater microbial quality. In so doing, it anticipates changes and adjusts monochloramine dosage as needed, maintaining compliance as well as efficient use of chemicals. 
  • Ackumen™ MCA-i™ for Recycled Packaging – stabilizes the wet-end process to dramatically improve performance and reduce overall chemical costs. Its accurate sensor-controlled dosing is tied to production rates, grade changes, pH, ORP, chlorine residual, freshwater usage and more. 
  • Tissue Pulse™ Natural Coating Analyzer – Tissue Pulse Natural Coating Analyzer (NCA) from Buckman. It’s smart technology that gives your operators real-time online natural coating measurements, so they can predict when Yankee coating adjustments should be made to significantly improve runnability, reduce rejects, improve tissue quality and save blade life.
  • Recovery Boiler Advisor – Buckman’s Recovery Boiler Advisor leak detection system gives boiler operators updated information four times a minute, displaying real-time data from only mill equipment.