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March / April 2014
March / April 2014


Frontissues: Mexico: “The opportunity to grow is huge”

Marketissues: Growth in the European tissue business moving from West to East

Exitissues: Gaining efficiency with smarter investment



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Country Report: Mexico – free market economy with growing T&T capacity

Country Report:  The Mexican C class dilemma: Nice tissue or a Starbucks? Caffeine seems to be winning

Operations Report: Focus on: south eastern USA

Operations Report: Quick Look: Southeast USA Towel and Tissue Production

Operations Report: World’s first NTT line boosts premium export drive to US 

Operations Report: ‘The opportunity for the tissue market to grow here in Mexico is huge’

Consumerspeak: ‘Tissue use has been transformed in Algeria’

Technical Theme: Minimise downtime Reduce footprints Increase flexibility

Distribution Special: 10 strategies to optimise warehouse operations

PIX Pulp indices: 14.1.14