Ssangyong’s latest packaging line conveyor system contains multiple product manipulation devices

South Korea’s Ssangyong has adapted to changing trends in tissue packaging by investing in an Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp.-supplied packaging line for its Jochiwon plant.

Due to be installed and in production by the end of July 2022, the line features Infinity’s Eclipse T4 multipack poly wrapper, conveyor with multiple product manipulation devices and an EPXL poly bundler.

The EPXL poly bundler includes a liner servo movement knife and seal jaw, which Infinity said allows the bundler to correct misalignments and run registration accurately.

It added that the wide frame of the EPXL also allows for wide format packs, which is essential for the Ssangyong line.

The Eclipse T4 multipack wrapper can run a wide range of product configurations, with the infeed of the wrapper running four to five lanes and producing packs five and six rolls deep.

Ssangyong line’s conveyor system contains multiple product manipulation devices; a Star Wheel capable of unending product at high speeds, an Itapack Handle applicator, and an Infinity Twist-Tipper which can tip bundles 90 degrees – or be put into a flat position for by-pass via adjustment handwheel.

Infinity said that such product manipulation devices will give Ssangyong maximum versatility for bundle pack configurations.