The PROTĒAN range includes blends of plant-based derivatives

HS Manufacturing Group (HSMG) and parent company Greentech Global have announced a partnership with specialty chemicals company Amazon Papyrus Chemicals to promote its PROTĒAN plastic-and PFAS-free barrier products across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region.

The PROTĒAN range includes blends of plant-based derivatives that have been used for decades in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other applications.

Samuel Mikail, Chairman of HSMG parent company Greentech Global, said: “HSMG’s discovery of the barrier properties of these materials launched an entirely new approach to displacing plastics and PFAS, both widely used classes of materials that are being replaced around the globe as quickly as possible due to environmental, health and safety concerns.

“The applications of PROTĒAN include oil and grease takeaway papers and molded fibre packaging. Agricultural mulches and containers are also significant opportunities.

“Such new, sustainable solutions can be equally effective and as economically viable as plastic and PFAS.”

The Asia Pacific region has been phasing out “non-recyclable” or single-use plastic due to sustainability initiatives from governments and brand owners.

Carmen Wong, Group Corporate Strategy & Development Director of Amazon Papyrus Chemicals, states that the current market of fibre-based packaging widely uses PE film and aluminium foil which are hard to recycle, as well as Fluorochemical which is bio-accumulative.

She added that alternatives to these current conventional packaging and food service formats such as sustainable barrier materials will assume a critical role and contribute to the circularity and carbon footprint reduction in the industry.