TissueWorld Webinar: Competitive Edge in Tissue utilizing Digitalization and AI

Shape the future of tissue making using latest available technologies

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Duration: 1hr

Join us as we embark on an exploration into the future of tissue production, where digital innovation, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge operational methodologies converge to foster a landscape of sustainability, efficiency, and autonomous production. This webinar, presented by ANDRITZ, delves into the transformative solutions poised to provide tissue manufacturers with a competitive edge.

Uncover the potential of the latest AI technologies, seamlessly integrated with extensive process expertise, to elevate both new and existing tissue production facilities to unparalleled levels of performance. These advancements promise to enhance daily production outputs, bolster operational safety, and elevate employee satisfaction. Moreover, they pave the way for significant reductions in raw material and energy consumption, thereby minimizing environmental footprints.

Embrace this opportunity with ANDRITZ to learn about the future-facing solutions that will indelibly shape the next generation of tissue production.

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Deep dive into digital trends revolutionizing tissue manufacturing.
  • Receive actionable blueprints for digital integration in plant life cycles.
  • Gain insights into leveraging digitalization for enhanced efficiency and profitability.
  • Have the opportunity to connect with thought leaders and pioneers in the field.
  • Walk away with a map to build and maintain OT cyber security

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Georg Krogger
Director Capital Automation & Digitalization Sales, ANDRITZ

Title of speech: Competitive Edge in Tissue
Bio: Georg boasts more than 19 years of expertise in Automation and Digitalization within the pulp and paper industry at ANDRITZ. He earned a master’s degree in Automation Technology with a focus on Business.

Erich Gatterer
Director Business Development and Sales, Automation and Digitalization, ANDRITZ

Title of speech: A lifetime of operational excellence
Bio: Erich has more than 20 years’ experience in the digitalization of innovative solutions for the pulp and paper industry, with a focus on digital twins, autonomous operation, and cybersecurity in OT.

Neeraj Nagpal
Director Digital Products & Solutions, ANDRITZ

Title of speech: Metris – Improve Operator Experience
Bio: Neeraj has over 20 years of experience with ANDRITZ in Automation & Digitalization for the pulp and paper industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Pulp & Paper and master’s degree in computer science.

Daniel Schuck
Vice President Digital Solutions, ANDRITZ

Title of speech: Metris – Simplify Operations

Bio: Daniel brings over 25 years of expertise to ANDRITZ, specializing in Automation and Digitalization within the pulp and paper industry. He is at the forefront of developing Metris Technology, thereby driving ANDRITZ’s digital transformation initiatives.