“This new rewinder line will support our growth in the MENA market,” Belkacem Becharef, General Manager of Africaine Paper Mills

Algerian tissue manufacturer Africaine Paper Mills (APM) is to boost its production capacity across the MENA tissue market after investing in a Toscotec-supplied rewinder line to be installed at its Rouiba site.

Start-up of the OPTIMA 1800 slitter is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024, and once up and running will process 2,800mm width parent reels using two unwind stands.

Belkacem Becharef, General Manager of APM, said: “This new rewinder line represents a strategic investment as it will resolve bottlenecks in our operations and support our growth in the MENA market.”

Established in 2019, APM is a leading manufacturer of tissue paper jumbo rolls in the MENA region.

With an annual production capacity of 35,000 tons it produces various grades ranging from 13.5 to 40 gsm of tissue including facial, bath, and towel using 100% virgin fibres.