Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Tissue World magazine announced the winners of two categories of its annual Tissue World magazine Mill Awards on the opening day of Tissue World Miami 2018.

The winner of the Best Tissue Marketing Strategy category was Essity, with Cascades Pro the first runner-up. Winning the Most Energy-Aware Mill Award was Resolute Forest Products.

Essity garnered the marketing strategy award for its communication program in support of the rollout of its new Tork PeakServe towel dispenser that is designed to meet the needs of high-traffic washrooms. Essity analyzed the needs of consumers through market research and responded with a towel dispenser that increased capacity by 35 percent.

Starting from customer insights instead of technological and production capacities, and using primarily online and digital channels, Essity took a long-standing product — the hand towel — and gave it a new angle with added customer benefits, using new technology.

Cascades Pro took the first runner-up award in the marketing strategy category for its rebranding effort that created a new company name and tagline. From Cascades Tissue Group (Cascades Groupe Tissu in French) the company rebranded to Cascades Pro, which is the same in English and French. The winning marketing one-liner is “All clean. All good.” (“Tout beau. Tout proper.”).

The rebranding effort was anchored by a redesigned website and marketing video that tout the company’s commitment to helping people feel good with proven hygiene solutions.

Resolute Forest Products – Calhoun Pulp, Paper and Tissue Operations was recognized by the Mill Awards judging team for its significant investments in green technologies and for moving from coal to natural gas power. Since 2015, the company has invested over $400,000 in a continuous pulp digester and wood chip processing equipment at its Calhoun operations which resulted in resulted in significant energy improvements and efficiencies.

Resolute’s efforts have resulted in energy savings of 1.15 million GJ — equivalent to the amount of electricity used by 36,000 homes in a year. The mill also has achieved a 73 percent reduction in emissions since 2000 — a full 8 percent more than its projected goal of 65 percent fewer emissions.