Tissue World Magazine

Valmet has showcased its three tissue making concepts covering the whole product range from conventional to textured and structured tissue.

Some 65 Advantage DCT tissue lines are established in the market today.

The company said: “Textured tissue is a fairly new segment close to structured tissue which can be produced on the Advantage NTT machine.

“But the most remarkable issue isn’t that the technology provides textured tissue, it is the flexibility. In just three hours it is possible to swing from production of textured tissue to conventional and vice versa.”

It added that this brings “unimagined possibilities” for product differentiation and to adapt production after market demand.
“The demand for high quality products is increasing in all parts of the world and the tissue technology suppliers are constantly aiming to provide equipment producing best quality for their specific market.

“In North America and Western Europe consumer value premium or ultra premium products and the demand for superior quality tissue is consistently high.

“During recent years both private label and branded premium products have consequently required a quality upgrade to fulfill the consumer’s requirements.

“However, the absolute top ultra premium products can still only be achieved utilising the TAD technology.”

Since 2000, Valmet has delivered 25 Advantage ThruAir machines.
TAD technology continues to evolve and in the North American market sectors the demand for TAD products continues to grow.