Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

OMET is to showcase its extensive range of tissue converting equipment.

This year the company has exceeded 700 installations of tissue converting machines worldwide.

At Tissue World Americas 2014, it will be showcasing the OMET TV 503 line, a high speed napkin production machine with a 3,000 napkins per minute capacity and the TV 840 Line, a high speed napkins production machine with a 5,000 napkins per minute capacity.

As a further addition to the product range, in 2013 OMET launched the FV Line.

This latest family of machines is modular with different groups in combination, including embossing, folding and printing and fully gearless.

The company said it “offers broad customisation to accommodate any customer’s future necessity of a different configuration”.

The machines of the new FV Line adopt vacuum-folding technology and can be configured for different production capacity, from 2,800 up to 8,000 napkins per minute, depending on type of size and fold.