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(News from RISI) – Almost two years after pulp and paper producer CMPC self-reported to the Chilean authorities about coordinated price arrangements carried out between executives of its tissue division and its competitor Pisa, a subsidiary of SCA, between the years 2000 and 2011, the Chilean press reported that CMPC was also involved in a diaper collusion case.

The daily La Tercera said that CMPC’s self-report sent to the country’s competitive practices regulator (Fiscalía Nacional Económica – FNE) in March 2015 mentions that the company also had price arrangements with its competitor Kimberly-Clark involving baby diapers. According to the daily, CMPC’s self-report reveals that CMPC Tissue and Kimberly-Clark closed price increase agreements on baby diapers, as well as exchanged information involving price adjustments and coordinated their participation in promotional activities.

In a notice to the market published on 20 December, CMPC stated that the company is not allowed to issue any further comments on this matter as the court defined the records of the material delivered in 2015 as confidential.

“In March 2015 CMPC’s board of directors, as soon as it acknowledged the fact that antitrust infringements occurred in Chile, ordered the immediate reporting of those facts to the proper authorities, together with providing them with all the information gathered in the internal investigation, and to provide to those authorities all cooperation required.

“The information reported to the antitrust authorities included all the facts related to antitrust infringements detected in the internal investigation.

“Therefore, all infringements detected were communicated to the authorities in 2015.”