Ibrahim Kareem
Ibrahim Kareem

Ibrahim Kareem is an SEO executive for an employment law consultant company in Manchester, UK. He also manages a blog (marketingknowhow.co.uk), where he offers beginner level marketing tips for individuals and small businesses.

The tissue and towel products I choose to use at home are ones that my mum used to use when I lived at home, so when I moved out on my own I carried on using those products as I was familiar with them. I normally use Charmin Ultra Soft, and I use Bounty kitchen towels for the same reason.

Although these products can be more expensive, I prefer to buy high-quality tissue products like these as they tend to be kinder to the skin. They’re also more economical in the long run as high-quality products usually last longer than cheaper ones, so you save money as well as having a nicer product to use.

For these types of products, I don’t have a preference as to whether they’re environmentally-friendly or not. What is most important is the quality.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, I count myself as one of the lucky ones because I haven’t been affected by this… yet.

Just out of habit and to make grocery shopping more cost-effective, I tend to bulk buy a lot of my essentials such as pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, soap, and tissue and towel. I went shopping just a week before this all went down and I bought two packs of 24 rolls of my normal brand of tissues and two packs of two rolls of my normal brand of kitchen towels.

I haven’t been one of the people who has been panic-buying these past few months. I find the whole stockpiling of tissues because of this outbreak kind of absurd.

In “normal” times before the pandemic, I wouldn’t usually buy tissue products online. It’s for the same reason I buy my essentials in bulk. I’m never normally around the house during business hours and by the time I get back home the shops are closed and I’d have missed deliveries. So for that reason, every month or so I write a list of things I need and set time aside to go into town to get them and stock up.

I live in the city centre of Manchester in northern England, so there are a variety of local shops all around me, some local independent stores and also all of the big retailers all within equal distance of each other.

I’ve found that it’s normally the same setup when I travel to countries within the EU. There’s always some sort of one-stop-shop where you can find all of your essential toiletries including toothpaste, soap and of course tissues.