“Dr. K” – as he is known professionally – is a Swedish doctor who lives in the UK. Here, he talks about his fondness for bulk-buying tissue and kitchen towel products (a personal preference that started well before Covid-19) and the benefits of packing luxury toilet paper when travelling abroad.

I didn’t know it until recently, but it turns out I was well ahead of the crowd when it came to how I purchase loo roll.

At the start of the outbreak of Covid-19, stockpiling toilet paper was making headlines around the world – but it wasn’t news to me! I have been a member of wholesaler Costco for the last two decades and have a routine where I buy high-quality loo roll, kitchen towel and medical roll products in bulk. Not only does it mean that I can buy quality products at a better price, but it also means I never run out.

For my NHS surgery I buy Tork towel. It’s multitasking and can be placed in a dispenser, so it’s easily on hand in case of emergencies. I also buy blue roll in bulk, they must contain at least 400+ sheets so they don’t run out quickly. Both products are very absorbent, and the bright blue of the blue roll means they’re eye catching as a hygienic product for any patients.

I also bulk-buy loo roll and tissues for my surgery and for my home. At home, we have Kirkland’s Signature Kitchen Roll Towel, which is indispensable. I buy four of the packs of three in 2ply and it is always on our kitchen mantel, it’s so handy to have around for cooking spills. A roll also takes centre place on the dining room table when we have friends over for a feast or a BBQ. We cook a lot of BBQs, and they are great to use to rest the meat on once they’re cooked.

I also like the kitchen towels where the tear section is at half the width of a normal sheet, meaning there is less waste of the kitchen roll. We have a lot of these in Sweden, but I don’t see so much of them in the UK. For loo roll, it has to be Andrex. It’s a classic brand, high-quality, and I buy the 16-roll family-pack in groups of three for my home and for the surgery. And of course, Tork toilet tissue products from my native Sweden.

I don’t really consider the environment too much when buying these products, I look mostly for a bargain on a good-quality product. I’ve travelled a lot in my time and lived abroad in different countries. I had never thought about it before TWM contacted me, but you see a difference in toilet paper products around the world. In Scandinavia and the UK, these types of products are very high quality. However, in some countries the products are not such good quality. My solution here is to take full advantage of my stockpiling – I pack a couple of Andrex loo rolls in my suitcase, so I can have the same quality product when holidaying abroad.