This summer Infinity launched its most innovative casepacker yet, the Dual Rotating Cassette C15. The development was completely customer driven. A few months before the launch one of Infinity’s select customers asked Infinity engineers to design a machine that can pack two- and three-layer industrial product and facial tissue at higher speeds (up to 15 cpm). These two- and three-layer configurations can often be a limiter for these product types and historically run around 8-10 cases per minute on most tissue casepackers. Once the request was received, Infinity engineers went to work and designed a concept for a machine with two separate, three axis controllers, which are opposing each other on a cam. This concept was designed with the goal of increasing the speed at which product can be loaded into the box.

After the initial design was completed, Infinity used a synchronization and simulation software, called Emulate 3D, to verify the coordinated motion of the new machine design. When the simulation returned solid data that the machine would operate efficiently, the machine was built and programmed. The new design brought Infinity’s customer multiple benefits.

These benefits included 25% to 50% faster speeds on two- and three-layer formats achieving speeds of 15 CPM consistently. In addition, the new design allows for better control of the product during rotation, simplified programming and a servo controlled back-stop for non-rotate configurations. This machine is also modular which means producers can easily switch to bagging and bundling depending on their orders. Moreover, the dual rotate cassette C15 is easy to start-up and operate. The customer who received this machine showed up for a three-day check-out and went home satisfied after one day. Infinity’s new development in the dual cassette system is just the first step creating an even faster casepacker! For more information on this machine watch the video below or please contact infinity sales at [email protected].