Helping our tissue customers succeed takes more than mere commitment. It takes a level of focus that only Buckman can bring. We make it a point to truly know your industry and understand the nuances that can affect your operation. And we surround that knowledge with the latest smart technologies, patented innovations, eco-friendly chemistries and customer-centered solutions.

We’re more than chemistry. We’re Chemistry, connected.

Buckman is a provider of chemical solutions and smart technologies for tissue. These include:

Tissue Pulse™ Natural Coating Analyzer
The wet end of your tissue machine is having an impact on your Yankee coating. All those soluble and colloidal substances that end up precipitating on your dryer are what is referred to as natural coating, and it varies constantly. Tissue Pulse™ Natural Coating Analyzer provides real-time measurements and monitoring so that you can proactively make coating adjustments to improve runnability, reduce rejects, improve quality and save blade life.

Enzymatic Stickies Control
Optimyze® and Optimyze Plus enzymatic programs are proven to prevent stickies from agglomerating into bigger ones and interfering with recycling, pulp, and paper machine operations. So, mills can reduce downtime, produce more tissue with improved quality, and make more profit.

On-Machine Softening
This new technology improves your tissue softness without giving up tensile strength. Our applications include wet end lotions and spray-on softeners that are easy to apply and offer improved softness without the drawbacks of debonding chemistries.

Enzymatic Fiber Modification
Maximyze® fiber conditioning gets the most out of your fiber mix, allowing you to use less expensive fibers, save energy, and gain a new level of flexibility.

Yankee Creping
Bubond® chemistries provide strong support for your entire Yankee creping operation, solving problems and creating opportunities that lead to a better tissue and more efficient tissue making. Improve your dry crepe, wet crepe, or advanced technology tissue and towel process.

This coating package can help your mill save energy, speed production, and improve profitability. This unique coating matrix works with your TAD and NTT technologies to extrude fiber from deep in the structured fabric, promoting deeper pockets, greater definition and extra softness.

Temporary Wet Strength
Improve your tissue performance while economically satisfying today’s demanding consumers. This additive treatment technology delivers improved levels of temporary wet strength to ensure your tissue products perform to specification and readily break down after disposal. Therefore, achieving higher efficiency while using much lower dose/usage rates, and enabling lower handling costs. By either measure, Bubond 818 improves your tissue performance, so that you can economically satisfy today’s demanding consumers

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