WEPA Group's Bridgend facility: the UK-based site will reduce the size of its multipack bathroom tissues

WEPA Group has reduced the size of its multipacks bathroom tissues in the UK.

In May 2021, the company began a project looking into the reduction of the size of its multipack bathroom tissues by manufacturing tighter wrapped rolls at its Bridgend facility.

The aim was to reduce the level of embossing, test and trial the optimum diameter for the roll, and speed up the process and reduce rewind by 50%.

A spokesperson for the business said it decided on a 12-pack for the first packs, reducing the 24 multipacks while maintaining the same amount of paper.

The reduction comes from tighter winding, which expels over 20% of air within the roll.

He said: “The current strain on the supply chain in the UK also added pressure to complete this project.

“In particular, driver availability and the need to keep shelves fully stocked in the Christmas quarter.”

He added that the finished product also results in a slight decrease in retail price for the consumer.

The process will continue into other pack sizes.

WEPA added that supermarket Tesco – which stocks the products – estimates that the move will save 67 tonnes of plastic packaging a year.