Infinity’s latest cutting-edge technology: the VISION G3 Wrapper

Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the VISION G3 Wrapper.

The automated packaging machinery manufacturer said the wrapper can produce packs up to five lanes wide, three layers high and six rows deep, all within a small footprint while using sustainable design practices.

The infeed of the machine features top and bottom choke belts, allowing for a larger maximum roll diameter, up to 250mm on two or three lanes or 190mm on all four lanes, all within a narrow machine.

This creates the possibility of adding a fifth lane without major re-work.

The infeed also features an integrated single bar and stacker, resulting in a shorter design.

Ryan Holmer, Technical Sales Manager, said: “For the past 18 years, Infinity has been focused on crafting high-quality machinery using cutting-edge technology.

“The VISION G3 Wrapper is the pinnacle of these pursuits.”

He added that accessibility was “at the forefront of its design, as it features a unique cantilevered overhead which allows for complete access to the entire machine”.

Additionally, the overhead has specialised side trucks which allow for high-quality paper wrapped packages.

The VISION G3 also has a telescoping design (patent pending) of the poly unwind.

Holmer said: “The poly unwind on the VISION G3 can adjust position for smaller pack formats by telescoping closer to the elevator.

“This results in the sheet traveling less distance and generating higher speeds creating better pack quality as the poly has less time to skew.

“This revolutionary design allows the VISION G3 multipack wrapper to operate like a dedicated single roll wrapper when producing single roll towel and bath formats.”

Infinity can ship the machine to consumers in three pieces, which Holmer said enables customers to reduce the installation time to one or two days.

The machine can also be equipped with IE3 rated continuous duty motors, while air consumption is reduced by the removal of the counter folder air cylinders and the utilisation of an electronically controlled unwind dancer.

Power consumption is also decreased by the stacker motor as it automatically turns off and engages the break when in stand-by mode.