Efficiency boost: UnionPel’s TT Hood at Toscotec’s headquarters in Lucca, Italy

Argentinian packaging paper and tissue producer UnionPel has boosted its production capacity after investing in a Toscotec-supplied upgrade of PM1 at its Pacheco mill.  

Scheduled for the first half of 2024, the project includes the technical upgrade of the site’s existing hybrid system configuration, where heated air is blown on the paper in the wet-end and only extraction is applied in the dry end.  

Toscotec said it will install a TT Hood-Duo system with two separate circuits of heated air, one to the wet end hood and the other to the dry end, increasing PM1’s drying capacity and achieving a 20% production increase.  

Carlos Paz, UnionPel Pacheco’s Plant Manager, said: “This upgrade will increase our production capacity and efficiency and boost our competitiveness in the Argentinian tissue market.” 

A TT Swing will also be installed, which Toscotec said is “an energy-efficient solution that regulates the air system operation mode to deliver flexibility and energy saving in the drying section of the tissue machine.” 

UnionPel produces papers for personal and industrial care including creped, absorbent and machine glazed papers for applications such as printing, waxing and laminating.  

It has an annual production capacity of 13,000 tons of various types of MG, towels, toilet tissue.