TT LowMistFormer: Toscotec’s latest innovation is said to improve a TM’s runnability

Toscotec has launched the TT LowMistFormer, which the paper machine supplier said is its latest energy-efficient innovation of the wire section of Crescent Former tissue machines.

Originally designed by Voith, the system has been integrated into Toscotec’s design following its acquisition.

TT LowMistFormer technology has now been applied on several AHEAD tissue machines manufactured by Toscotec.

Enrico Raffanti, Toscotec Deputy CTO, said: “TT LowMistFormer improves the runnability of the machine in the key section of paper formation, leading to higher process stability.

“This new concept is perfectly in line with our mission as manufacturers of advanced technology: developing innovative solutions to boost production efficiency while reducing energy consumption, in order to increase sustainability in paper production.”

He added that by creating a screened area in the wire section with an optimised combination of fixed elements, TT LowMistFormer “delivers remarkable air, water, and mist flows performance”.

Raffanti added it also ensures “a cleaner and healthier environment around the wire section, which normally produces the highest concentration of mist of the entire tissue line”.

“The system also delivers a significant reduction of dirt build-up on the machine, which leads to a reduction of cleaning and maintenance operations on the production line and on the building. A cleaner environment is also reflected in the increase of machine efficiency and the improvement of working conditions for machine operators.”