Infinity-supplied packaging line for Monalisa
South Korea’s Monalisa extends its range of packaging options after investing in an Infinity-supplied packaging line

South Korea’s Monalisa has extended its range of packaging options after investing in a full packaging line supplied by Infinity Machine and Engineering Corp.

Located in Nonsan-si, the scope of supply includes an Eclipse T4 wrapper, one EPXL bundler, one ItaPack handle applicator (integrated by Infinity) and the conveyor system equipped with an Itapack Handle applicator.

All the equipment between the log saw and the palletiser has also been supplied and will be installed by the end of June.

Ryan Holmer, Sales & Marketing Manager at Infinity, said: “The Eclipse T4 wrapper will run everything from single roll bath tissue to larger bath tissue pack options such as 30-packs and 48-packs.

“The EPXL has a wide product range and can make small and large bundles. It has a continuous motion design with linear servo movement of the knife and seal jaw and this allows Monalisa to fulfil their current bundle demands, but also gives them the ability to make bundles with graphics applied to the poly.”

The Infinity line was designed, built and tested throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with Monalisa able to see weekly progress through Teams meetings.