Hengan introduces TAD tissue products into the Chinese tissue market following the start-up of its Toscotec-supplied TADVISION TM

China’s Hengan International Group has officially launched premium quality structured TAD tissue products into the local market, following the start-up of its Toscotec-supplied TADVISION tissue machine.

Installed at the company’s Xiaogan mill, the machine started up in 2023 and is the first of two Toscotec-supplied TAD machines that Hengan ordered.

Hengan’s second TAD machine will be installed at its headquarters production base in Fujian province. Start-up is scheduled for later this year.

The machinery supplier said: “As the nation’s first TAD machine, Toscotec’s TADVISION sets a new benchmark for tissue quality in China.

“Hengan is leading the transformation of the Chinese tissue market towards top quality tissue.

“It is producing actual structured tissue with the best bulk, softness and absorbency properties available in the marketplace, which are significantly higher than conventional and textured tissue.”

Hui Ching Lau, Chief Executive of Hengan Group, said: “At Hengan, we have timely insights into market changes, and focus both on production scale and product innovation.

“Our new high-end TAD tissue products will drive a consumption upgrade in the Chinese tissue market and help us achieve Hengan Group’s grand development goal of “a hundred-year history and a hundred billion Yuan turnover.”

Alessandro Mennucci, Chief Executive of Toscotec, said: “We are delighted to be Hengan’s partner on a milestone project for their growth strategy and for the Chinese tissue market at large.

“We have now successfully achieved our first shared target, and China’s second TAD machine will follow suit.”

Founded in 1985, Hengan International Group is a leading Chinese tissue and hygiene products manufacturer.

According to the latest Chinese market report issued by CNHPIA, with over HK$22bn annual revenue and annual capacity of 1.497m tons per year in 2022, Hengan ranks first overall among China’s tissue producers.