Lucart’s tissue mill in Aranguren: PM14 will undertake a complete rebuild

Lucart is to increase its production capacity after investing in a Toscotec-supplied complete rebuild of PM14’s Yankee hoods and air system at its Aranguren tissue mill in Spain.  

Scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, the project is designed to deliver gas consumption reductions exceeding 30%, as well as a significant increase machine runability. 

The scope of supply includes a high efficiency, gas fired TT Hood-Duo system, and the air system features low-emission burners, several stages of energy recovery, and Toscotec’s patent-pending TT Swing which according to the supplier “delivers maximum flexibility and energy savings in regulating the air system operation mode.” 

Luca Bini, Paper Mill Project Engineer at Lucart, said: “Based on our long cooperation, we are confident Toscotec will deliver the best possible outcome for Lucart both in the short and the long term.” 

Lucart is a multinational group that manufactures airlaid, MG paper, and tissue products including toilet paper, kitchen paper, napkins, and tablecloths.