CPI’s Papercycle recyclability tool “first of it kind” in UK market
CPI’s Papercycle recyclability tool “first of it kind” in UK market

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has launched Papercycle, a recyclability assessment and certification service for fibre-based packaging. 

Launched ahead of the new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation which has a phased implementation in the UK during 2023, the CPI said the service is “a UK first” and can determine the recyclability of fibre-based packaging formats and materials, including which types of mills can reprocess specific types of packaging for the UK and beyond.  

Developed by the CPI and supported by the UK’s Paper-based Industries, CPI said Papercycle’s automated online tool “provides a robust, comprehensive system to assess the recyclability of fibre-based products and materials in a consistent and credible way”.  

It also identifies whether fibre-based packaging materials can be recycled in the UK and which type of recycling mills can reprocess them.  

Recyclability can be tested at any stage, be it finished or semi-finished products.   

Dimitra Rappou, CPI Director of Recycling, said: “As packaging materials have become increasingly complex, we have seen growing confusion over the recyclability of materials, with an over simplified assessment approach threatening the quality of recycling.

“Papercycle’s new service can remove the uncertainty faced by packaging designers, brands, retailers, and policy makers on the recyclability of fibre-based products.  

“We see this playing a crucial role in promoting a circular economy for fibre-based packaging, helping to reduce waste and lower carbon emissions by keeping materials in use for longer.” 

With the EPR reforms underway, CPI said Papercycle’s certification service could enable a standardised labelling system where customers could receive a ‘recycle’ label as will be required by the UK’s mandatory recyclability labelling on packaging.  

It added: “Packaging certified as “recyclable” will also attract lower Producer Responsibility (modulated) Fees associated with complying with the reformed Packaging Waste Regulations.  

“Furthermore, for consumers, Papercycle can help avoid confusion on what can and cannot be recycled.”