Tissue World Magazine
Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Due to an insufficient number of relevant papers from the ASEAN region submitted for the conference planned in Jakarta, the Tissue World team has decided to postpone the event.
In fact in its present form the event would not match the high standards we always require to make our platforms a compelling meeting for the industry to attend.

When launching Tissue World Jakarta our aim was to direct a spotlight on South East Asia through a dedicated conference in a region and a market being often neglected.

However, we faced the difficulty of not having a sufficient number of subject experts from the ASEAN region coming forward to share their thoughts on stage, and we do not intend to fill the gap by resorting to past presentations we have already hosted in other conferences outside Asia.

Nevertheless, we still believe the region is of significant importance and will therefore be given special focus and attention next year during Tissue World Shanghai in a dedicated conference session.

Tissue World Shanghai 2016 will be held during 7-9 December at SNIEC.

For more information about Tissue World Shanghai 2016 visit https://www.tissueworld.com/ or contact the Tissue World team at [email protected].