Since 1993, Tissue World ( has been the world’s meeting place for the soft hygienic tissue paper business. Now, on the 20th anniversary since Tissue World was created, the organizers wish to acknowledge the commitment and dedication that numerous supplier companies have shown to both the event and the tissue Industry with The Tissue World Runnability Awards.

Runnability is a common term in tissue making and all tissue makers strive for the best possible runnability, meaning a good long run for days, weeks, months or even years without breaks or interruptions.


Taking runnability to new heights, we want to publicly thank the 8 Gold Medal companies below that have had been exhibiting at Tissue World since the very beginning in Nice in 1993 right up until Barcelona 2013. That’s 20 years of runnability and a world record as far as we know.

We also wish to thank the Silver Medal companies who have been with us for an impressive 18 years and the Bronze Medal holders, at 16 years. In addition, we want to thank all the companies that have been part of the vent through the years.

Since 1993, it has been a good run! And we are confident that, in cooperation with the thousands of proud tissue making professionals around the world, Tissue World will continue to be THE tissue Industry event long into the future. As long as there is tissue, there will be Tissue World.

Tissue paper products, include indispensable items such as toilet paper, household paper towels, facial tissues, handkerchiefs, and table napkins, make up an enormous global business amounting to an estimated $80 billion a year of total trade. Total global volume of tissue paper produced grows quite steadily at about 4% each year.