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SCA has invested in a NipcoFlex T shoe press that will be installed at its Nicolás de los Garza plant in Mexico.

The new shoe press will be installed in PM3 and will allow the machine to achieve average energy savings of 3%, including steam, electricity and gas.

The start-up is expected to be carried out in April 2014.

PM3 had already been operating with the equipment’s first generation, the TissueFlex press, since 2001.

This upgrade will now offer greater operational flexibility, including the “Tilt” adjustment.

Due to its simplified construction, maintenance of the new press model will be quicker and less frequent.

The company said the NipcoFlex T press adjusts itself to the natural deformations of the Yankee cylinder and in general reduces CD moisture variation.

The “Tilt” adjustment means that some grades have the possibility of higher “bulk” (specific volume) or higher dryness after press.

According to Jean Pereira, application and sales engineer from Voith Paper, the NipcoFlex T press was developed to ensure greater stability in the manufacturing process, which also translates into higher production.

“The second generation of the NipcoFlex T shoe press has proved to be strategic to our business plans, and has been very well accepted by the market,” he said.

SCA is a global hygiene and forest products company. The Group develops and produces sustainable personal care, tissue and forest