Lamix has diversified its product offering after it started up a PCMC-supplied Amica Matrix industrial line at its Witnica site.

The line converts industrial laminated rolls at the speed of 550mpm and comprises: two Unwinders BS 2502, an embosser NT 5501, Amica Matrix Industrial rewinder, TS 181 tail sealer, A30 accumulator, LSX log saw.
A corewinder CM 10 completes the supply.

PCMC said the line is “extremely versatile” and can easily adapt to converter’s specific production needs.

It said: “The speed and the number of cycles selected in the design phase can later be upgraded so as to follow the company’s growth, thus meeting the converters’ demand for flexible, upgradable and efficient lines.”

Five years ago, a PCMC LS33 log saw was also installed at the site.

A large proportion of Lamix’s products are exported and the laminated rolls from the new line mean a further step in the product portfolio of the company.

Owner Miroslaw Laszko said: “The new product will be very attractive for the home market and actually a complementary product to the new attractive folded/laminated hand towels we introduced some 12 months ago.”

Lamix was established in 1991 as a trading company and started manufacturing in 1995.

Since that time the now 180-staffed company has been continually investing in its own production premises and new technological lines. Further expansion is already in planning now.

Lamix’s Amica Matrix industrial line converts industrial laminated rolls at a speed of 550mpm