Sofidel’s Papernet product line – dedicated to the AfH market – offers a “Hygienic Closed Loop”

Sofidel has targeted the AfH market with the launch of its Papernet product line.

The line has been developed to maintain the hygiene of public spaces and the workplace and to protect users.

It is a system of especially designed products for the AfH industry, offering solutions to raise hygiene and safety standards thanks to the use of antibacterial additives.

The new products have been developed specifically to guarantee proper hygiene due to the antibacterial, antimicrobial and sanitising features of the active ingredients used.

Sofidel added that hygiene is one of the group’s key concerns, especially now with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Papernet Defend Tech is a system of specifically designed products: hydroalcoholic gel with over 70% alcohol, antibacterial dispensers, antibacterial plastic bins, antimicrobial soap, disposable tissue paper with antibacterial active principles (hand towels, interfolded toilet paper, wiper rolls).

The product range also includes door tissue hand towels to protect freshly washed hands when touching surfaces like door handles and taps.