– Sofidel launches its toilet paper maxi rolls to Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Romania

Sofidel Group has responded to customer demand by introducing its Regina Rotoloni toilet paper maxi rolls in Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Romania.

The company said the product launch aims to meet consumer purchasing needs and support the growth of the value category by providing high quality tissue paper rolls that are twice or more the length of standard rolls – yet take up half the shelf space.

In over 30 years, Sofidel said its Regina Rotoloni rolls “have become an authentic pop icon among consumer goods in Italy, taking their place in the hearts and homes of Italians.”

Their introduction to the market also represented the creation of a new Nielsen product category, Maxi Rolls – rolls with a bigger diameter that are more than twice as long as standard rolls.

The company added that today, Regina is the second tissue paper brand in Europe in terms of annual sales value.

In addition to Italy, the brand is marketed in 23 countries in Europe with five product categories: toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins, handkerchiefs/tissues, and hand towels.

Philippe Defacqz, Sofidel Vice President Marketing & Sales – Brand, said: “With the same certainty of performance of our products, Regina Rotoloni ensures longer duration, or less frequent change of the rolls, and less frequent shopping for toilet paper at supermarkets.

“It also has unique sustainability attributes such as less packaging material and core cardboard per kg of paper, as well as more efficient transportation per tons of paper.”