Sainsbury’s innovates own-brand toilet rolls: launches double length products into the UK market

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has launched double-length toilet rolls into the UK market, a move which it said reduces plastic packaging by 30%* – equating to 84 tonnes of plastic saved.

The business said the new double length toilet rolls “last longer, and are lower in price, offering customers high-quality and great value”.

It added that they are designed to help customers reduce plastic waste at home, with the multipack rolls including double the number of sheets on each roll compared to the retailer’s standard offerings, and on average use 30% less plastic.
The products are available across Sainsbury’s ‘Super Soft’ and ‘House 247’ ranges.

Sainsbury’s said: “The double toilet rolls are estimated to save a total of 84 tonnes of plastic and 164 tonnes of cardboard from card cores (50%).

“By fitting more paper onto each roll, the toilet rolls take up less space.

“This reduction will lead to removing 28% of lorries from the roads required for supplier transportation, minimising the impact on the environment.”**

The double toilet rolls cost from £1.75 for a multipack of two double rolls which Sainsbury’s said equates to the same quantity of sheets in a four-pack of standard toilet rolls.

It added that all toilet roll plastic packaging is recyclable – customers can bring it to one of the company’s plastics recycling points, which it said are available in all Sainsbury’s UK supermarkets.

* Sainsbury’s said this figure is based on data from supplier Sofidel and is the average plastic reduction across the six SKUs moving to double roll. This is based on the old single roll plastic weight versus the new double roll plastic weight.

** Based on data from supplier Sofidel using four months forecast of sales between December 2021 and March 2022 and then multiplying the total four-month data by three to give 12 month sales.