Italy’s Overmade increases its one-shop offering with the launch of Powermade

Italy’s Overmade has boosted its drying and energy saving offering after launching new business Powermade.

It will provide drying and energy saving solutions for both tissue and paper mills, from high efficiency hoods and air system for tissue machines, to closed hoods and air system for paper machines.

It will also be involved with steam and condensate removal system for TMs and PMs, hall and building ventilation system and energy recovery plants from dust and mist removal systems to the whole portfolio of runnability systems.

The Lucca-based company will be headed up by Adriano Lazzini and Giuliano Vannucci.

Stefano Marocchio, President and Chief Executive of Overmade, said: “With the launch of Powermade we achieved one of our main targets: to design and manufacture our machines from the headbox to the winder, widening our products portfolio with all the energetic and aerothermic systems involved in the tissue and paper production line.

“The increased capability to serve the market with one single platform and from one single supplier will bring benefits to our customers.”

A spokesperson for the business told TWM: “Overmade is the majority shareholder of Powermade and the biggest change for us is that Overmade is now able to design and build aero-thermic solutions through its new branch Powermade, without any external supplier.”