Gomà-Camps's my tissue ecologic+
Gomà-Camps's my tissue ecologic+ range has compostable packaging

Spain’s Gomà-Camps has targeted the global retail market with the launch of my tissue ecologic+, a line of recycled, eco-friendly and certified products. 

The family-owned business said it is “the first recycled tissue paper with compostable packaging launched into the market”.  

The range is targeted at environmentally conscious consumers and is made entirely from recycled fibres.  

It is packaged in 100% compostable packaging produced using cellulose and water.  

Gomà-Camps chief executive Maties Gomà-Camps said the range will raise environmental awareness among consumers.  

He said: “Sustainable development has been an essential part of the company’s strategic plan for decades, and today it is present at all levels of the company. 

“We can help consumers participate in a revolution in which small, everyday decisions – such as choosing one product over another – have a positive impact on the environment.” 

The range has compostable packaging that is produced using water and cellulose from responsibly managed forests, without the use of plastic.  

Certified for “100% home compost”, it can also be broken down in organic waste since it decomposes within five to seven weeks.  

This packaging is transparent and maintains the same high standards of manufacturing, transport and logistics used in conventional packaging to date.