Buckman’s Sumaré, Brazil, based plant

Buckman has announced global price increases of 15 – 20% for all product offerings.  
The price increases became effective on 1 October, or as customer contracts allow. 

Price increases will vary depending on geographic region, solutions offered, and the markets served.  

In some areas, increases may be higher where local conditions may necessitate additional adjustments. 

The company said: “In the last 12 months, the chemical industry has experienced dramatic increases in global prices for primary feedstocks including crude oil, propylene, ethylene, natural gas, acrylonitrile, methanol, packaging, steel, aluminium and ammonia.
“Throughout the year we have witnessed significant global supply chain disruption, strong global demand and multiple natural disasters in North America that have and continue to put extreme upward pressure on raw material prices.
“These unexpected external events have escalated costs imposing an unsustainable strain that can no longer be solely absorbed by the company.”