The Abu Dhabi-based mill team and the record-breaking Valmet-supplied DCT tissue machine
The Abu Dhabi-based mill team and the record-breaking Valmet-supplied DCT tissue machine

Fine Hygienic Holding’s (FHH) Al Nakheel mill has announced that its Valmet-supplied Advantage DCT 200 tissue machine has reached speeds of 2,222m/min – a new world record.  

The Abu Dhabi-based team decided to optimise the tissue machine’s performance to increase capacity and boost volume. 

In June 2022, it was running at 2,000m/min, and then two months later, it was operating at 2,100m/min before gearing up to 2,200m/min. 

To achieve this, FHH said the running conditions “needed to be perfect, with optimised process settings, chemistry, raw material and production planning.” 

The application of autonomous and preventive maintenance programmes, continuous improvements, and corrective maintenance were also essential.  

Samir Masoud, UAE Supply Chain and Operation Director, FHH, said: “April 2023 saw a historic moment when we achieved the world record speed of 2,222m/min for 24 hours.  

“This great achievement was reached while the machine was producing 13.2 gsm facial tissue at 96.5% efficiency.

“It is just amazing! 

“We have also lowered the machine’s carbon footprint in compliance with our sustainability goals.” 

Viktor Bergström, DCT Concept Manager, Valmet, added: “Valmet has done a thorough review of all data to verify that Fine has operated according to tough criteria in order for us to confirm the world record.” 

FHH also said it was the first paper mill to sign the United Nations Global compact for sustainability, adopting best practices to conserve resources – water reservation, water treatment, waste recycling, replacing heavy fuels and reducing CO2 emissions.  

Abdelhadi Alhader, Project Manager, FFH, said: “Of course it was a challenge to ensure a low environmental footprint while increasing the speed. 

“This huge accomplishment was coupled with great savings. While reducing energy and water consumption, we also lowered the carbon footprint in compliance with the sustainability goals to pass on a healthy environment to the next generation.”  

Elia Nuqul established Fine Hygienic Holding in Jordan in 1952. Today, the company operate 10 tissue paper factories in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.