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Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Ecol Studio, the Italian company which specialise in laboratory tests, consultancy and training officialized the opening of a new office in the UK.

Ecol Studio, the Italian company which specialise in laboratory tests, consultancy and training and has been successfully involved in the fields of product quality, environment and occupational safety for over 36 years, opened a new facility in Sweden – the first step towards a growth process in Europe – and officialized the opening of a new office in the UK.

In mid-2018, Ecol Studio Consulting AB inaugurated its offices in Lund, in southern Sweden, just a short distance from Malmö and easily reachable also from Copenhagen. The company focusses on the development of the paper industry value chain in European countries. Ecol Studio UK Limited is located in the south of London and was officially opened at the end of 2018.

“Our progress on the international market is connected to the field of paper, where we have specific expertise. With this further step, we believe we are providing with our contribution not only the many customers who have asked us for support close to their facilities throughout the years, but also the new players we are starting to get acquainted with in these countries. They are looking for a trusted partner in the realm of analyses and consultancy”, explains the management.

These steps represent just some of the aspects of a strong growth program for the Ecol Studio brand in addition to the merger operations of the Italian companies that Ecol Studio has performed in the course of 2018.

The growth witnessed over the past two years has allowed the company to strengthen its presence in the territory. “Today Ecol Studio boasts 8 facilities in Italy and 2 in Europe. This is a true added value for customers”, states Guido Fornari, founder of the company. “Through the investments of recent years, we have created 4 thousand square meters of laboratories, with consequent optimization of our activities and increased production capacity – certainly indisputable values for companies.

The company in Sweden is headed by Consuelo Giordani who, following several years of experience as consultant, Area Manager, and after covering the role of Managing Director of Ecol Studio S.p.A., will follow international customers in collaboration with the lab and the team of Food Contact Materials (FCMs)/Paper of Lucca. “The numerous companies located in Scandinavia and throughout Europe can today rely on a single interlocutor, and design with Ecol Studio a customized assistance service based on the demands of the different sites and countries”, explains Claudio Fornari, CEO of Ecol Studio S.p.A.

“Ecol Studio has always distinguished itself through its promptness in answering to market’s challenges and customer demands. The possibility of assisting and supporting our customers located in Europe becomes foundational to continue working efficiently and to guarantee an effective, timely service.”

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